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FTOWN GIFTS "How to stack fields. Also known as Offset fields"
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Ftowngifts Tutorial: How To Stack Fields(Also known as "offset fields")

In this tutorial we're going to show you how to stack fields. First step is to disconnect your farm(by clicking the plug in the top right corner), Next open up a second tab with Farm Town(we're using Google Chrome to do this, we find it has much better load time than I.E and even a little better than FireFox.) Disconnect your second tab as well, open another tab and load the game and disconnect as well(you should have 3 tabs open, all with Farm Town, all disconnected in Farm Town, in your browser). Now remember we're creating stacked(offset) fields. This is actually very easy, your goal is to have plowed fields, over plow fields, over plowed fields. However, unlike layering, you'll have a little piece of each plowed field sticking out. So instead of harvesting then deleting, you'll actually be able to re-plow these. Now, go back to your first tab, lay down a plow in the area you've cleared for your stacked fields. Make sure to remember exactly where you've laid this field down(we find it easier to start against the edge so you can better judge the distance you'll need to go in your other tabs.) Plow the entire area you've cleared for this. Next go to the second tab, find the area you've previously plowed(of course it will not show up in your second tab, so you have to go by memory. However, if you don't remember, just switch to tab one and take a peek real fast.) after you find the place you previously plowed, move your plow tool over one notch, and start plowing your second tab from there. Plow the entire area. Now move over to your third tab, again, find where you started but this time move it over two notched. Continue to plow the area. Now after you've completed this, simply refresh your game and you'll see that your fields are now offset. Pretty easy, huh? :)

Thanks for watching another Ftowngifts tutorial, keep checking back for more.