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FTOWN GIFTS "Over Stuff the Wool Shed".
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Ftowngifts Tutorial: Over Stuff the Wool Shed past the 125 limit

Welcome to another Ftowngifts tutorial. In this tutorial we're going to talk about how to over stuff the wool shed. The current limit for the wool shed is 125. But we're going to show you how to bypass that limit. Now, the best way to start this is with an empty wool shed, but to save a little time we're going to go ahead and start with some sheep in ours. We have 120 sheep in our shed, which means we can only add 5 more. The first thing you're going to do is open as many tabs as your browser can handle. In our video we're only using three, just so you can get the basic idea of what to do. Make sure to disconnect from the main frame on each tab before moving forward. Starting with the first tab, we're going to go into the store and buy one sheep then click the sheep again and select buy multiples. We're going to buy 5 sheep in total. Then we're going to use our tool to add animals to our shed, add each animal. Now we're going to move to our second tab, and we're going to again buy a sheep, select buy multiple and buy 5 in total and then add them to our shed. Finally we're going to go to our third tab and do the same thing. Once you're done you're going to close your additional tabs, then we're going to refresh. Now because we only did 3 tabs with 5 on each, we now have 135 sheep. So that's 15 more sheep than when we started. Again, you can open as many tabs as you want and do this, just remember you should either start with an empty wool shed, or make sure you know exactly how many you are away from 125.

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