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FTOWN GIFTS "Ghost a Facility".
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Ftowngifts Tutorial: Ghosting facilities

In this tutorial we're going to show you how to "Ghost" facilities. Now there's one thing that is very important to remember when ghosting facilities. The farm you're going to be hosting your facility at has to be the same size or smaller than the one you'll be ghosting your facility at. In this tutorial we're using our mineral mind, it's on our farm 5 which is 22x22 so we can only go to a larger farmer, we can't go to a smaller farm. For example, if we go to our farm 6 which is an 18x18 it will not work. However, but if we go to our farm 3 which is 24x24 it will work because it's larger. The whole point of "ghosting" a facility is to basically save money (and space), some factories cost actual cash and they don't really produce that much. So what this will do is allow us to produce twice as much without purchasing the extra factory. Now when we go to our farm three, there's no factory there at all. Now we're going to go back to our farm 5 with our mineral mine, we're going to move however we're not going to click any actual placement for it, instead we're going to going to click on our farm three and once we're on farm three and if you look back in the corner, now you see the mineral mine. however we can't click anything, but to fix this you simply click on your little green guy and now click your factory. Now we're going to click our factory and go into the factory manager, you can see there's nothing pending. Now load up on your product so everything is pending. Now we refresh farm 3 the factory is no longer there. Now, when we go back to our farm five after everything is done pending, we're going to once again select our factory to move and click farm 3 and click on our little green guy, and select our factory and collect all the pending product. Just remember, it isn't actually there on the farm in order to collect you actually have to move it again.

Hope this tutorial helps! Thank you for viewing another Ftowngifts tutorial, make sure to visit for more tutorials, free gifts and our forum.