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FTOWN GIFTS "How to Stack Facilities".
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Ftowngifts Tutorial: How To Stack Facilities

In this tutorial we're going to show you how you can maximize your space. A lot of people have a lot of facilities, but it takes up so much room on your farm. With this tutorial, we'll show you how you can minimize the space facilities use.

First, place a facility in the area you want to start. Next we're going to go to our store, and buy some dirt paths. Next we're going to lay the dirt paths down along the edge of the building, then move them over one, and make a second row of dirt paths right next to the ones you have already placed. In doing this you're covering up the sides, which is usually decorations and things we don't really need to see, but keeps us from putting our facilities right next to each other. Once you lay these down, you take your other building and you'll now be able to place it right next to your other one. Then you'll continue to do this with whatever other buildings you want to add. After you've completed this you can go up, and select the wrench in the right hand corner. Click hide buildings, and now you'll see that all your buildings are hidden. Now you can select your delete tool, and delete all the dirt paths. Make sure to go back and select to show your buildings when you're done deleting the paths.

Thanks for watching another Ftowngifts tutorial, keep checking back for more.