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FTOWN GIFTS "Crowd / Stack Oak Trees".
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Ftowngifts Tutorial: Crowding/Stacking Oak Trees

In this tutorial we're going to show you how to Stack/Crowd your Oak Trees, in return, giving you more space on your farm.(got to love those space savers!)

First thing we're going to do is, is open our Farm Town. Now lay an Oak Tree down away from the area where you're going to be placing your Oak Trees. We're doing this because it'll be easier to just click "buy more" by clicking the tree and finding it in the drop down menu, than actually going to the store and having to buy each and everyone. Next refresh your game, and disconnect your farm(by clicking the plug in the upper right hand corner). Next open 3 additional tabs, loading Farm Town in each of them. Remember to disconnect each farm. Now, in the video you can see after we've got this done, I've selected buy multiple, and I'm setting my Oak Tree down in the upper right hand corner. Now you can do this wherever you want, but for the sake of example lets say this is how you do it. Now, place 4 Oak Trees going down, then beside it place 4 more going down. Now load your second tab. In this tab we're going to go back and select buy multiple again, and we're going to go back to the upper right hand corner, but this time we're going to move it down just a little bit. Plant 4 down, and then we're going to go to the left of it and plant 4 more down right beside it. Next open your third tab, and once again, select buy multiple, and go back to the upper right hand corner, this time we're going to move it to the left just a little bit, and we're going to plant 4 down. Now we're going to go over to the left of the previous row, and plant 4 more down. Now we're going to load our 4th and final tab, and again we're going to select buy multiple. Next, we're going to move to the left a little bit, and then down a little bit. Continue to plant 4 down, then go to the left of that and plant 4 more down beside it. Now refresh your page, you should have 32 Oak Trees right next to each other.

Thanks for watching another Ftowngifts tutorial, keep checking back for more.