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FTOWN GIFTS "Over Stuffing Barns".
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Ftowngifts Tutorial: How to over crowd or over stuff past the 125 limit

In this tutorial we're going to discuss how to overstuff/crowd gift able animals (in things like the dairy shed, stables, chicken coop, rabbit hutch and pigsty.) The limit for these facilities is 125, but we're going to show you how to bypass this limit. Now a quick tip before we get into the tutorial, in order to do this you're going to have a friends farm or a secondary farm (meaning one that you have on a different profile) in order for this to work. If for example you're overstuffing your dairy shed, your friend or your second farm MUST have a dairy shed on the exact same farm you have yours on. So, for example. Our dairy shed is on Farm 1, our friends dairy shed would have to be on their Farm 1 as well in order for this to work. To get started you gift your self the animals you want, in the video we used cows. Next you're going to maximize your farm town game, or some of you may be more familiar with the term "full screen" it. We do this because we have to be able to click our friends list at the bottom while also having our gift box open. Now after you have your gift box open and ready to go, go to your friends farm who has their dairy shed (or whichever facility you're working with) on the same farm as yours. Once you get there, you simply click "Store All" on your gift box. It's going to ask you if you want to move them, you're going to say yes and close the box. You're going to go back to your farm and check your dairy shed (or any facility you choose) and view your box! It's that simple.

Again, very important you MUST have a friend who has the same factory you have on the same exact farm. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thank you for using and make sure to visit us for more tutorials, free gifts and our forum!