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FTOWN GIFTS "How To Layer Fields in Farm Town".
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Ftowngifts Tutorial: Layer Fields

The first thing you're going to do is lay down a plowed plot. By layering fields, we're going to be putting plows on top of plows on top of plows. What you're going to do is after you lay down your plowed field, go ahead and disconnect your game(by selecting the green plug in the menu on the top right hand corner, once you've clicked it, it'll go from green to red). Then you're going to open up a second tab, load Farm Town, disconnect it then open up another tab you can do this to up in 12 tabs. We're just doing 3 tabs in this video, just to show you how it's done. Now you're going to pick your seed, you must look at harvest time. Never do two layers of the same seed.You can use whatever timeframe seed you want. But in this video we're going to use a 3 day crop first. We're going to plant these seeds, now move to your next tab and pick another seed(We used a 2 day crop). Now again, you can use one that is 3 days or you can use one that is 2 days. But always remember to put the longest harvest time first, and the shortest harvest time last. After you plant it, go to your third tab and pick another seed(we used a 4 hour crop). Now go back to the other two tabs, close them and then refresh your last tab. In the video we delete a few of the grape plots which are on top, refresh, and you can see that there's oregano now in their place. Once your crop has grown, you'll harvest your first layer, delete the plots(do not refresh during harvesting and deleting) after you've deleted them, refresh, and you should see your second layer. Continue this until they're all done.

Thanks for watching another Ftowngifts tutorial, keep checking back for more.