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Words From The Owner:

Important news for Conduit Toolbar users.

I have been informed that some people are having issues with the Conduit Toolbar being flagged by their Firewall/Virus protection. Please note that I do not control the software used on the toolbar. It’s all from the Conduit Company. However after doing some research it would appear that although the Conduit company itself may not be using its program for bad, some of the companies affiliated with them may be doing so.

For this reason I will be dropping all support for the toolbar on the site. For those of you using the toolbar without issues don’t worry I will not be shutting down the toolbar completely so it can still be used. That being said I am recommending that anyone having issues with it, or who isn't comfortable with the idea should remove the toolbar as soon as possible.

You can use the uninstall instructions Located Here From conduit, or do a search for "how to uninstall a conduit toolbar and include your browsers type.

I am sorry for any issues Counduit may have cause any of our users. I've used Conduit for over 10 years with out any issues untill latly. Had I know the issues they currently have I would never have recomended the toolbar to any of our users.

Yours Sincerely,