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FTOWN GIFTS "How To's" of Farm Town.

Just a few tips we can give you right off the bat....

1) Use Google Chrome as your browser during game play. GC allows for must faster game play.

2) If your looking to level, STOP decorating. Decorations are nice and make your fields look good, but they don't do a single thing to help you level up faster other then the points you get for buying the decoration. So leave your decor in the storage unit, and keep decor to a small amount so you can maximize your field usage.

3) Work on your neighbors farms. It is time consuming however you will get a lot of free items and cashing them out will help you build up your coins.

4) Don't waste coins in the market place buying items or growing items that you can get here at for free.

5) Maximize the space you have by stacking or layering your fields as seen below.

6) Don't waste space with buildings. If they have some little stoop or box sticking out the side of them lay down a dirt trail over that area and put the next building right over that area so it sits as close to the first building as possible. By doing this you can put more buildings/shops into a smaller area and leave more space for planting. This is shown below in the how to stack facilities video.

Listed below are different tutorials that we have put together to help you with your farming. If you don't see something here that you want to know how to do feel free to contact us.

 - How To Use All-At-Once option with the new Chrome update

 - How To Use

 - How to share your gift links

 - How to Layer Your Fields

 - How to plow/plant under trees

 - How to stack fields. Also known as Offset fields.

 - How to stack facilities

 - How to make Waterfalls

 - How to Crowd / Stack Oak Trees

 - How To Create Stairs

 - How to creat a Skyscraper

 - How to Ghost a Facility

 - How to Over Stuff Barns past the 125 limit

 - How to Over Stuff Wool Shed past the 125 limit

 - How do I use the EFarmerTool?